Friday, 19 September 2008

crochet copycat

Have you ever had this experience where you ran through the latest crochet book, you found nothing catches your eye and until you see someone finishing a pattern from that book, then you realised, gosh, thats what I wanted to do too!! It happens to me all the time. Perhaps I'm really no good in mental visualisation and color coordination, if it didnt appeal to me at first look, I will not try to see it in my mind, playing with different color tones to if it worked for me.

Thankfully, I surf blogs and very often, I come across fellow bloggers with similar tastes coming up with variations of the same design. And it is because of them, I revisited patterns that I carelessly skipped because the original model did not appeal to me in the first place.

Perhaps I should refrain from rushing to buy new books the moment they appear in Kinokuniya, perhaps I should just wait and see what others have on their hooks, perhaps I should just be a crochet copycat.


Dutchess said...

You must keep buying new books! How else will I know what's the latest and greatest? LOL.

I've always felt that the books are there as a guide and it's up to us crafters to interpret what we do with the designs.

chicchicbaby said...

I agree with you last statement so I wish I have that special eye. Lol.