Monday, 22 September 2008

patchy mini shawl

I finished this quite a while ago but haven't blogged about it because I did not managed to find any suitable button for it. Anyhow, my BFF wanted to see it, so here is it.

The size of this mini shawl is just nice, wrapping around the shoulders, it uses slightly less than 3 balls of Panda Starshine, an impulsive buy from Spotlight since 1. it was cheap ($1.50 per ball) and 2. my favourite colour. I didn't know what to do with 270 metres of yarn, too little for a bolero, a cape or anything until I came across this design in one of my books. This is the first time I work with a 8/0 hook, I felt like I'm crocheting with chopsticks!! This is also the first time I attempted on motif designs, luckily this mini shawl takes only 7 triangles to construct. But having said that, 14 loose ends is enough to dry my patience whether I weaved it in along the way or not. I keep having second thoughts about my 118 squares bolero (J, I salute you!).

Somehow, it didn't turn out fitting, the joining edges are popping out, the sides of the triangles are not straight but instead, convexes out, maybe that's the reason?

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Dutchess said...

BFF says, I came, I saw, I LIKE!