Tuesday, 30 September 2008

F1 fever

The world's first ever F1 night race came and zoomed passed over the weekend. No, we did not have any tickets to the race, it costs an arm and leg (well, almost) for those really good seats. I knew nothing about F1 except the famous Schumarcher, who has since retired from the racing scene. Whenever I see F1 on TV, it was senseless to me, almost as senseless as golf but at least, I am able to understand golf now.

Anyway, everyone's spirits was high since last week, my two F1 fever girlfriends, after seeing their idols in person, were all more than ready to attend the race. S, especially lucky when her boss passed her a pair of tickets to the private suite, that pair of tickets worth $5,000 if I am not wrong. Lucky her!

So by Saturday, much under the influenced of the media and A, I decided to brave the crowd and bring T to Marina Square to catch a glimpse (if possible) and to experience the roaring engines. I am not surprised that we were not the only cheapos around, there were many others trying to do what we were doing. T was naturally delighted to 'hear' a race, it was really loud.

The race ended with Kimi Räikkönen crashing, so did my Timmy Räikkönen, he crashed onto the door frame while racing with his sister at home, quite silly, now he has a huge bump on his forehead. He is proud, that he crashed, just like the big boys.


Dutchess said...

LOL @ Timmy Raikkonnen. Poor boy!

The engines are really loud aren't they? Don't like them at all.

Did S manage to get autographs and photos with the drivers?

petit-je said...

I realised that it is $5,000 for a 3-day pass and for a pair, it costs $10,000!

chicchicbaby said...

J: I think she got Hamilton's autograph during the Hugo Boss private event. She was standing so close to him, making everyone jealous and the security guards nervous. Lol.

S: $10k?? You lucky gal, better be nice to her when she comes back, you really owe her a big one. Chum liao.

petit-je said...

I invited suspicious stares from the security guards coz I was just an inch away from Hamilton. Of course I restrained myself, if not I would have been dragged out immediately! Sad to say I couldn't take a nice nice pic with him but at least I do have his autograph to smile about!

I have been dutifully replying each of her sms-es since Saturday.. roarrrrr

Ange said...

Must u mention that kimi crashed?!! :'(

my heart still aches whenever I am reminded of that.

btw, Singapore's No. 1 Kimi fan says that his name is spelt as "Kimi Räikkönen" with only one "n".

chicchicbaby said...

S: woah...somebody's McLaren's engine roaring very loud. Lols.

A: hokay, amened. Sorry about your sweetheart. But you are most welcome to hug Timmy Räikkönen anytime :P

petit-je said...

Yes still roarrrrrrrr-inggg...

And Ange ~~ Lucky you didn't sit near Turn 3 coz Hamilton's fans were all seated here. They were all actually very happy when Kimi crashed ;p

Ange said...

its all due to luck la. kimi will be back, he's not world champion for nothing. hamilton's luck (hopefully) will run out some day.

And, why is everybody reminding me that kimi crashed?! pple here v sad still u know..:'(
now jus pray hard ferrari wins constructor's champ.