Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Let's stretch our limbs and climb!

We've decided that our kids spent too much time indoor playing with electronic gadgets that they have probably forgotten how to run freely, so it's about time to pack them off for some outdoor challenge.

I have heard of the HSBC Treetop trail but never get to try it out because it all sounded too tough for my cotton babies. I don't know what got into me two Saturdays ago, partly because I did not have to be in the shop (so why waste the day visiting other shops, I have very much enough of shops, thank you!) that I proposed, let's try the Treetop trail. Hubby was ok with the idea as he is quite outdoorsy (opposed to how he appeared to be). We did no homework prior to our 'expedition' and drove all the way to Venus drive where we left our car and embarked on our little journey. All I had with me was 2 water bottles (mistake!).

The first quarter of the journey was plain tracking in the forest, well fun because we've just started. We saw squirrels and monkeys watching us, making sure we do not intrude beyond the boundaries. We couldn't tell the sky had darkened as the canopies provided good shade, it started to drizzle before we were even halfway through but we managed to hit the ranger's station without getting ourselves drenched. The kids were ok up till this part, they were still excited and anticipated the scary treetop bridge they saw on the website.

Now that we've conquered 2.9km to the Ranger's station, we were just a little away from our destination. We've decided to go ahead despite the drizzle, it didn't look like it would stop and we didn't want to leave without completing our mission. The track leading to the treetop trail was a little slippery as it consists of many steps on wooden stairs. The kids were a little worried about falling and also the wet yucky feeling.

We reached the treetop trail pretty soon and it was unbelievable we are actually in Singapore! How often do we get to see so much greenery? We were literally walking on the canopies. This beats the Henderson Wave as the latter has hardly any shelter, keeping you constantly scorch under the hot burning sun. But sad to say, the trail is too short and we didn't get to enjoy the view for too much. The bridge is narrow and it is inconsiderate for one to stop to enjoy the sight without halting the groups after you.

By this point of time, my kids started to whine. I can't blame them as they have just walked like over 4km! It took a lot of encouragement and pep talk to get the son to complete the hike. Daughter was of coz clinging onto daddy's back, refusing to move anymore.

The hike was much longer than I have expected and two bottles of water is definitely insufficient although you can fill up at the Ranger's station. Surprisingly, there was hardly any mosquitoes that day but I will still advise you to bring insect repellant. Some snacks for the kids is quite essential to keep them going. All in all, I think we walked 7km or more and if you head off from Mac Ritchie, a round trip is about 10km.

For all the 'hardship' we've been through, we rewarded ourselves with a scoop of ice cream from Salted Caramel, yummy. Son was very pleased with himself for pulling through this tough hike *thumbs*

Monday, 13 December 2010

what have i been up to

Planning to make some money, that's what I've been up to. Lol.

I feel bad not contributing to the household income. I feel bad buying another bag, even though it only costs $69. I feel bad for spending over a hundred on colouring my hair. I know I should not feel that way but I just cannot help it. If I am not contributing, I better not do more harm by splurging on unnecessary.

In order to curb this horrible feeling, I decided I need to bring back some bacon and hence I laid a big plan ahead of me. Now that it is slowly materializing, I'm a little overwhelmed. After all, it is really my first venture in my entire life. Let's hope things will turn out smoothly.

Apart from that, I've also done the unbelievable, to join the grassroots group. I'm still not clear why I took up this challenge but I'm sure I will find out, in time to come.

That's what I've been up to, all these while.

famous fruit pastry

We made these for Teacher's Day back in September. I'm not one who remembers dates well and in addition to my ability to procrastinate, we panicked at the very last moment before we left for T's piano lesson.

I know presenting a gift to your teachers on Teacher's Day is not rule but still, it is nice to show your appreciation with something, be it big or small.

Obviously, it was too late to shop, the next best thing we could come up was something homemade. Hence, I decided to make this sweet little Fruit Pastry which I had bookmarked eons ago.

This is an easy recipe and with so many successful attempts by food bloggers, it sure is a lifesaver. I'm glad I chose this recipe and they looked really cute with the single heart shaped strawberry on it. They don't only look good but they taste fabulous too, In fact, I baked another batch for H's teachers the next day. Sar-kar...Lol.

You can hop over to HHB's blog for the recipe

It is a really wonderful tea cake.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

baking frenzy

I am not abandoning this blog, its just that I do not have the time nor any interesting things to talk about. Life has been hectic and slowly things are falling into routine. I have to get use to a new lifestyle that includes waking up at 5.30am every weekday. But, it is very fulfilling, in fact, a little decadent at times.

Anyway, lunar new year is just around the corner, and since I stay at home ninety percent of the time, I decided to make my own goodies this year, instead of spending hours sampling at CNY Bazaars and spending tons of money on snacks that eventually adds on to my thick waistline.

My favourite CNY snack has to be pineapple tarts, the open top version with lots of sticky pineapples and a pastry that melts in your mouth. I have seen many recipes that promises a pastry that melts in your mouth but I am reluctant to try them out, given that most of them are recipes that yield a considerable quantity, it will be a waste of effort and resources if it did not turn out the way I hope for. Moreover, taste is subjective.

This recipe is actually taken from the morning chinese newspaper published probably more than 2 decades ago. There is seriously nothing special about this recipe, and it is quite close to many popular recipes floating around. Somehow, I just prefer this to many others and like I said, taste is subjective.

I wish I had made my own pineapple jam but time was not on my side. Next year, I promised myself.

Apart from this, I also made a small batch of coconut cookies using the dessicated coconut that I have been desperately trying to clear. I got this recipe from a Taiwanese cookie book and it turns out very well - great smells and good crunch.

I'm still trying to squeeze in some time to bake the all time favourite chocolate chip cookies, using the recipe from the same Taiwanese book. And hopefully (greedy), Edith's oatmeal raisins cookies.

It has been tiring, but extremely fulfilling.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

my sporty side

I do play sports, though not much. Actually, the only thing I do right now is golfing. That hardly is any strenuous sports, all you need is to hit the ball and continue your journey on the buggy. Very suitable for lazy bums like me.

Anyway, I started playing last November and my scores have always been on the steep side. I never fail to make a series of mistakes in a few holes and blow the entire game. But things took a pleasant turn last week, I managed to cut down to 52 for my first nine holes. Maybe I was too complacent or the weather was killing me, my second nine ended up with 60. I was still very pleased with myself, this is the lowest I have come so far. I have this feeling that I am beginning to have better control over my body and my clubs.

I hope this continues, and hopefully, the hubby of my BFF will get to witness my another breakthrough next week :p

Sunday, 15 November 2009

twin poncho

Ponchos almost do not appeal to me because it always reminds me of Mexicans and it seems unwearable here. But I have been seeing ponchos on sale in the stores lately and somehow, this is a non triangular design and hence not so poncho-ish looking.

I made this pair with my friend L and her daughter Z in mind. L is not a girly girl type of woman and will not be seen in anything frilly or pink (unfortunately, Z loves pink). This poncho design doesn't look too sweety yet retaining the cute factor (for Z).

Its fun to make mom and babe pair, I think I'm going to make something for H and myself soon.

Pattern: ISBN - 978-4529046060
Yarn: Bendigo Mills 8ply
Hook: 10/0

Saturday, 14 November 2009

hoodie scarf

With the leftover yarns from my previous project, I managed to make this cute hoodie scarf I spotted from a book sometime back. I feel that there isn't many this kind of patterns available, especially for crochet, and it is such a useful winter wear too.

I made this with my second sis in mind, she should be able to use this during the cool autumn months ahead. The model in the photo is my favourite nephew (actually I only have one), he is such an angel *love*

Another cute project completed *happy dance*