Monday, 13 December 2010

famous fruit pastry

We made these for Teacher's Day back in September. I'm not one who remembers dates well and in addition to my ability to procrastinate, we panicked at the very last moment before we left for T's piano lesson.

I know presenting a gift to your teachers on Teacher's Day is not rule but still, it is nice to show your appreciation with something, be it big or small.

Obviously, it was too late to shop, the next best thing we could come up was something homemade. Hence, I decided to make this sweet little Fruit Pastry which I had bookmarked eons ago.

This is an easy recipe and with so many successful attempts by food bloggers, it sure is a lifesaver. I'm glad I chose this recipe and they looked really cute with the single heart shaped strawberry on it. They don't only look good but they taste fabulous too, In fact, I baked another batch for H's teachers the next day. Sar-kar...Lol.

You can hop over to HHB's blog for the recipe

It is a really wonderful tea cake.

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