Thursday, 11 February 2010

baking frenzy

I am not abandoning this blog, its just that I do not have the time nor any interesting things to talk about. Life has been hectic and slowly things are falling into routine. I have to get use to a new lifestyle that includes waking up at 5.30am every weekday. But, it is very fulfilling, in fact, a little decadent at times.

Anyway, lunar new year is just around the corner, and since I stay at home ninety percent of the time, I decided to make my own goodies this year, instead of spending hours sampling at CNY Bazaars and spending tons of money on snacks that eventually adds on to my thick waistline.

My favourite CNY snack has to be pineapple tarts, the open top version with lots of sticky pineapples and a pastry that melts in your mouth. I have seen many recipes that promises a pastry that melts in your mouth but I am reluctant to try them out, given that most of them are recipes that yield a considerable quantity, it will be a waste of effort and resources if it did not turn out the way I hope for. Moreover, taste is subjective.

This recipe is actually taken from the morning chinese newspaper published probably more than 2 decades ago. There is seriously nothing special about this recipe, and it is quite close to many popular recipes floating around. Somehow, I just prefer this to many others and like I said, taste is subjective.

I wish I had made my own pineapple jam but time was not on my side. Next year, I promised myself.

Apart from this, I also made a small batch of coconut cookies using the dessicated coconut that I have been desperately trying to clear. I got this recipe from a Taiwanese cookie book and it turns out very well - great smells and good crunch.

I'm still trying to squeeze in some time to bake the all time favourite chocolate chip cookies, using the recipe from the same Taiwanese book. And hopefully (greedy), Edith's oatmeal raisins cookies.

It has been tiring, but extremely fulfilling.

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