Wednesday, 25 November 2009

my sporty side

I do play sports, though not much. Actually, the only thing I do right now is golfing. That hardly is any strenuous sports, all you need is to hit the ball and continue your journey on the buggy. Very suitable for lazy bums like me.

Anyway, I started playing last November and my scores have always been on the steep side. I never fail to make a series of mistakes in a few holes and blow the entire game. But things took a pleasant turn last week, I managed to cut down to 52 for my first nine holes. Maybe I was too complacent or the weather was killing me, my second nine ended up with 60. I was still very pleased with myself, this is the lowest I have come so far. I have this feeling that I am beginning to have better control over my body and my clubs.

I hope this continues, and hopefully, the hubby of my BFF will get to witness my another breakthrough next week :p

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