Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Let's stretch our limbs and climb!

We've decided that our kids spent too much time indoor playing with electronic gadgets that they have probably forgotten how to run freely, so it's about time to pack them off for some outdoor challenge.

I have heard of the HSBC Treetop trail but never get to try it out because it all sounded too tough for my cotton babies. I don't know what got into me two Saturdays ago, partly because I did not have to be in the shop (so why waste the day visiting other shops, I have very much enough of shops, thank you!) that I proposed, let's try the Treetop trail. Hubby was ok with the idea as he is quite outdoorsy (opposed to how he appeared to be). We did no homework prior to our 'expedition' and drove all the way to Venus drive where we left our car and embarked on our little journey. All I had with me was 2 water bottles (mistake!).

The first quarter of the journey was plain tracking in the forest, well fun because we've just started. We saw squirrels and monkeys watching us, making sure we do not intrude beyond the boundaries. We couldn't tell the sky had darkened as the canopies provided good shade, it started to drizzle before we were even halfway through but we managed to hit the ranger's station without getting ourselves drenched. The kids were ok up till this part, they were still excited and anticipated the scary treetop bridge they saw on the website.

Now that we've conquered 2.9km to the Ranger's station, we were just a little away from our destination. We've decided to go ahead despite the drizzle, it didn't look like it would stop and we didn't want to leave without completing our mission. The track leading to the treetop trail was a little slippery as it consists of many steps on wooden stairs. The kids were a little worried about falling and also the wet yucky feeling.

We reached the treetop trail pretty soon and it was unbelievable we are actually in Singapore! How often do we get to see so much greenery? We were literally walking on the canopies. This beats the Henderson Wave as the latter has hardly any shelter, keeping you constantly scorch under the hot burning sun. But sad to say, the trail is too short and we didn't get to enjoy the view for too much. The bridge is narrow and it is inconsiderate for one to stop to enjoy the sight without halting the groups after you.

By this point of time, my kids started to whine. I can't blame them as they have just walked like over 4km! It took a lot of encouragement and pep talk to get the son to complete the hike. Daughter was of coz clinging onto daddy's back, refusing to move anymore.

The hike was much longer than I have expected and two bottles of water is definitely insufficient although you can fill up at the Ranger's station. Surprisingly, there was hardly any mosquitoes that day but I will still advise you to bring insect repellant. Some snacks for the kids is quite essential to keep them going. All in all, I think we walked 7km or more and if you head off from Mac Ritchie, a round trip is about 10km.

For all the 'hardship' we've been through, we rewarded ourselves with a scoop of ice cream from Salted Caramel, yummy. Son was very pleased with himself for pulling through this tough hike *thumbs*

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