Sunday, 5 October 2008

autumn shawl


I finally made something from the latest book and can self declare that I am no longer behind time, although my BFF will tell you, it doesn't matter as long as the design is appealing. Lols. Still, it nice to work on something that is the 'latest'.

Having said that, I guess shawls are not my favourite projects as it involves (almost endless) repeating the same pattern for more than a metre long, it gets really boring after a while.

This shawl is made especially for my Aunt, who has been so kind to have us over for dinners almost every other week. She is a fabulous cook and gets satisfaction from seeing us gobbling down her creations. I wanted a none too dowdy shawl and this was chosen because of the cute little frilly ends. I just hope she likes it and finds it useful.


Anonymous said...

very nice oh...ur aunt will sure like it.

Dutchess said...

I am now working on a pattern that was published in 1976! How's that for behind time?

The shawl looks great btws. I'm sure your aunt will appreciate it lots.