Tuesday, 21 October 2008

surprise package

I <3 mails, especially these kind of mails.


Thanks J, I love the bolero, everything is perfect, from the colour to the fit. And the lovely green yarns, the first time I see yarns wind in this way. So what am I going to do? Get G to loop it in his two arms while I wind them into balls?? Lols.

I'm going to use this lovely yarns for this pattern that is on my to-do list. Perfect isnt it?? I do not have any idea the yardage of those yarns, I do not think weighing them will help, I haven't quite figure out how to guage by weight. As this is a patchwork design, I can easily cut short the sleeves or length, so I don't have to worry about running out of yarns half way. Smart move?


My BFF, thank you so much!!!

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Dutchess said...

So glad it arrived in good condition. Even gladder that you like it. :)

I don't think G will have the patience to help you with the winding. Each skein takes me about 30 mins now but in the beginning, it took at least an hour. I drape it on a clothes hanger and work from there.

The two skeins will definitely be enough for your intended pattern. It's lovely, by the way.