Tuesday, 28 October 2008

the long and winding yarn

So I plucked up enough courage to unravel the 2 hanks of yarns J sent me. Whosh..my instant nightmare began. I spent almost 3 hours trying to wind the first skein, getting messy all throughout. I recalled vaguely something about a clothes hanger J used when she did hers, but too late for me to do anything now. Just imagine a plate of meatball spagetti, I'm the meatball sitting on top of a mess of spinach noodles.

I became smarter with the second skein, I tried the clothes hanger method but didn't quite work for me, it was slow. I then looped the huge coil of yarn around my knee with me sitting on the floor. I used 1 hour for the second skein, much faster and tidier.

I don't think in any time sooner, I will order yarns sold in this format. I'm not ready. Lol.

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