Thursday, 15 November 2007


Pattern: From this book
Yarn: Elann Sonata - Tarragon
Yardage: 5 balls
Hook size: 6/0

After many trials of hooking and unpicking, this capelet is finally completed. What looks like a simple project turns out to be quite a bit of whirlwind for me. First, I could not achieve the guage and I believe the yarn used was too thin compared to the one recommended. I was almost pulling my hair out because the row of chains is just not long enough to go round my neck, I do not want to end up looking like being strangled by my capelet. Duh.

After some emails with a crochet expert, she suggested I add two more motifs on each rows to make up for the missing length and she was so kind to help me worked out the number of chain stitches required for the first row. If you are interested, I started with 97 chains, thanks *wink*

I tried that out and bingo! it works. I added two extra rows to make it longer and because of that, I do not have enough yarns for the scallopy edges at the two ends. After debating with myself for a night, I decided to leave it as it is, any more unpicking is actually doing more damage to my yarn.

I must add what inspires me to start on this project is after seeing this. I love the collars and the shade of green she used. Sadly, this color has been discontinued. Look at her stitches, so neat isn't it??

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