Tuesday, 13 November 2007

happy birthday

T's birthday is one and a half month away but since school closes in 3 days' time, we celebrated his birthday today, just before the term ends. The birthday boy is a big fan of Thomas , hence we went for a Thomas themed birthday party. I think the children, especially the boys, love the Thomas coin box in the goody bags, I hope the girls will have fun doodling on the little notepads included. No wonder he looked forward to this mini party, it was quite fun, really.


Dutchess said...

Happy birthday T!

Ack, he's too cute in his Elmo tee.

Anonymous said...

Did you buy all the Thomas items & packaged them for the school party? Any more pics to share? Yvonne

chicchicbaby said...

G bought the Thomas coin box in Bkk and we packed them with some snacks in plastic bags sponsored by Yee. Show you the rest of the pics when you come back k?