Wednesday, 21 November 2007

misc updates

Hub came back from Munich last Sunday night and brought home this baby. Yay! I'm delighted, it matches with most of my outfits and casual style. He also brought back lots of chocolates for the kids.

I've cast on a new project, a shawl, to be exact. This one, I didnt have to worry about the gauge (heng ah), but I'm undecided whether should I use hook 5/0 or 7/0 because it will determine how big the shawl will end up. I want that perfect size so I'm trying out with both hook size. The pattern calls for 8/0 but my yarn is a little fine for that. Am I asking for trouble?? I should just follow the book to the dot right?

Lastly, baby H is down with fever, it went as high as 40.4 deg last night. I'm not as worried this time round as experience tells me their temp will rise in the middle of the night (but why huh?) and even if I rushed her to the A&E, they will still dispense her with Ibrufen which I can do the same at home. I'm cool but I am monitoring her closely. Thankfully she is still in good spirit (and appetite) and hopefully she will get well soon. We have a zoo outing this Sunday.


Mel said...

aiyoo.. can't wait to see your new project! I'm also thinking of casting on something new. ;)

JL said...

Didnt i say u r a lucky wife !!

Dont "play play" with kiddie fever, that nasty fever will shot up way high (always in the middle of the night)

When DD fever got slightly high, i will quicky sponge her, place damp face towel on her forehead, neck, and armpit to bring down the fever and if it is above 38, i will insert the "bullet" cos her fever has a shooting of high record.