Friday, 25 July 2008

my little cropped top

Finally, I finished this challenging piece.

Really you would wonder what challenges are there, it is just a very simple cropped top. My challenge is getting the guage right. I got the perfect yarn that calls for 5/0 yet it turned out to be even smaller than the 3/0 sized in the original pattern! How can a hippo sized me squeeze into that tiny top?

I'm so happy with this piece of (hard)work that I wore it fresh from the oven, I only stitched up the buttons this morning. So, tell me, is it cute??


Doreen said...

Oh its beautiful. Good work. What yarn did you use. This pattern looks so familiar like I have seen it before somewhere :)

chicchicbaby said...

Thanks Doreen, I have linked up the yarn and pattern, I'm not surprised you find this familiar, it was featured in a 07 book.

ange said...

*nods head* cute

U haf a v good photographer..keke.