Thursday, 10 July 2008


My dilemma, just like J's perennial KitchenAid 'problem' (quoted from her), is really to buy or not to buy a sewing machine. The fact that I can remain so half-hearted, for almost a year, indicates that I really don't need (deserve) it.

My inner voice says I should have one, so that I can sew up pretty dresses for H but my mind thinks otherwise. Now, if I had a sewing machine, maybe I can whip up pretty quilts like Erin, look at her Bloom quilt, isn't it awesome? So unlike the usual quilts that come in blocks of standard shapes. She is really an inspiration.

Okay, back to my problem, so, even if I bought the machine, will I use it to the fullest?? Or will sewing split zippers/hems be the only glorious task it will undertake?

So, do I really deserve one??

And which one?? Brother, Janome, Sakura, Pfaff, Bernina (hehe)??


Dutchess said...

Let's solve our problem together - the day you buy a sewing machine is the day I go get myself a Kitchen Aid okay? LOL.

Yvonne said...

Aiyah don't add on to your already huge eco foot-print! Anyway I supply most of H's cute clothes so why you need to sew them yourself?

Agnes Tan said...

And it'll also be the day I go for my pre-lasik checkup. LOL!!!