Tuesday, 1 July 2008


my lion head...

This is another secret recipe of C and frankly, I have no idea how its supposed to taste like though I've often come across this dish in many 亦舒's novels, I think it is a popular dish in Hong Kong, even though it originates from Shanghai??

C shared this dish with me a month ago, the precious meatballs smelled so good (de javu) that I swear the stomachs of my neighbouring commuters were roaring in silent (actually mine also).

Mine still didnt turned out as good as C's, I wonder what secret ingredients did she add to get that punch. Nevertheless, it was still good and uncle walloped 2 cubs at one go and little H was asking for more - 还要!

This will be another dish for me to show off, when needed. Lol.


ange said...

No secret ingredient la..

uncle. tsk.

Dutchess said...

Looking at your photo makes my stomach roar for some too.