Thursday, 31 July 2008

back from our mini getaway

We spent the last weekend at Bintan, a deserving break since we have not gone away for a long time. It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend yet I feel more tired after that, maybe I have not relaxed enough?

Though it was a hectic getaway, we had alot of fun, especially the kids. They simply love the pool and H, being the littliest dare devil, was bold enough to walk around in the baby pool (0.5m) without any floats or hand helding. Of cause we stayed close to her, we were pleasantly surprised by her lack of fear for water. T has great fun monkeying around in the pool. He learned three techniques of jumping into the water; the slithering snake slip, the leaping frog jump and finally his infamous Ironman dive. He also managed to conquer his fear of water by learning how to hold his breath under water for 9 sec, quite an achievement for him.

The resort is nothing new to us since we have been there a couple of times before. This time round, they managed to allocate us a adjoining room with pool view. Even though our rooms were right at the end of the wing, it was great because we were actually nearer to the pool. You know how important that is, especially when you have young children with you, never know when they need to use the toilets or left something for you to fetch from the room.

We found a mini 'zoo' right behind our block, not your regular kind of zoo, in it, we saw bald eagles, vulture, parrots, white crocodiles and a humongous python! There was a signage saying that those animals were salvaged from smugglers trying to bring them out of the island.

As much as I hope to enjoy the makan part like my BFF (all the time during her vacations), unfortunately, our resort does not offer fabulous food. We tried their seafood bbq, their western kitchen and eventually, we concluded the best was still their local delights, my ayam bakar-something was yummy and I cannot forget that lime-ish sweet chilli sauce that went with it.

We had a great time there, except for a minor 'setback' (yes, that traumatizing experience *wink*). I am going to tell G, if we were to visit Bintan again, we have to stay abit longer, quoting my BFF, that you have to literally scrapped me off the beach and pack me home. Lol.

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Why no pictures from the Bintan trip?