Thursday, 4 September 2008

took a day off

from work and spent the entire day with the children since it is T's school break this week. I knew I'm playing my luck when I suggested Pasir Ris Park since the weather here has been gloomy and rainy. The morning was sunny but the boys didnt wake up until 10am. By the time we set off, we made a quick drive to Bedok to satisfy the man's craving for char kway teow. Our favourite Hill street CKT has moved to Bedok since a decade ago and we have not made any effort to locate it, so why not yesterday, since we were heading east. The prize was not the CKT but actually prawn noodles a few stalls away, I love their chilli, with a dash of tomato sauce that adds tangy sweet taste to it. Sedap!

Pasir Ris Park was very quiet on a weekday despite school holidays, I guess the students are busy preparing for their year end exams (SA or CA?? I have lost track but will surely remember in 2 years time). We didnt get to cycle as planned but we plonked ourselves beside the beach and built sand castles. H was so terrified of stepping on grass and sands so she kept herself busy by drinking 700ml of diluted Ribena and snacking on biscuits within the safe zones on the picnic mat.

Nothing special but just a typical family outing with lots of fun as usual. Oh, we did make a detour to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, hoping to retrieve a missing waist pouch containing G's precious memory cards (containing his psp games, not erotic pics btw) which he might have left behind during our last Bintan trip. And because of this, we bumped into our long lost friend who was on the way to Bintan with his family. I always feel happy to meet up with old friends, brings back memories of my happy school days.

I will be taking the afternoon off tomorrow, will be bringing the children to the toys store, we haven't done that for a long time and, we don't have to worry about the menancing dark clouds.


Dutchess said...

700ml of Ribena? That is one thirsty gal with a very full bladder. LOL.

I'm glad you had a good family day together.

And I am strangely interested in this char kway teow of yours....

chicchicbaby said...

Like how I'm intrigued by your roasted duck. Lol