Monday, 26 May 2008

summer hat

I'm not keen to crochet hats or bags because it doesnt seem practical to wear hats in Singapore and crochet bags don't seem sturdy. However, seeing this hat pattern changes my mind, I love its large rim and useful for a great sunny day.

I worked this on my Elann yarn, the mercenized composite was great to hold the hat in shape as this yarn tends to be a little hardy. However the rim, being big, hence heavy, flopped all around that I had to study the pattern one more time to find out what went wrong. I realised for this kind of bigger rim hats, you need to insert in a frame to prevent it from becoming floppy and the great news is, I cannot find this in Golden Dragon. No choice, got to improvise, so I got hold of a roll of pliable wire in red and inserted it around the outer rim of the hat. Voila, it works and what a relief.

I have already packed her off to my dear friend, who will be celebrating her birthday next month. I should not reveal this before she receives them, otherwise, no surprises. I just hope she likes it and er...please be careful of any wire sticking out, though extra precaution has been considered.


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