Saturday, 7 June 2008

pandan kaya shrug

As what A calls it, the shade of green resembles too much of a pandan kaya cake. Actually I really hate to think of it as pandan kaya cake, brings back nervous memories.

The yarn I used was bought together with J during her last visit, I think it is called Layette from Spotlight. I agree with her that this yarn has a nice touch and good to wear. The sleeves should be puffed but I ran out of yarn so I added a row of scallopy edges and leave it as it is instead. I think it looks nice this way too, though A thinks the sleeves are too wide, enough to put 2 arms inside (oy, this is style, fashion, ok)

I really love the design of this shoulder warmer and I can foresee myself ditching my raggy shawl in office.


A said...

nooooooo, its enuf to put 3 of my arms inside..
oh wait, i forgot i only have 2 arms.

my petite kitchen said...

It is a nice color.
How come I don't see you using it in the office?