Tuesday, 10 June 2008

raspberry shortcake shrug

This has to be one of my fastest finish project, I took slightly over a week to complete it. Again, I chose Sidar Snuggly for its softness and lightness and I use slightly more than 2 balls of yarn.

The truth about this shrug is, it is actually designed for kids and they are usually super cute so much that even adults want to wear them. And so, I used a bigger size hook, had it converted it into my size. I like how it turned out and the pink its neither too pastel or sickly sweet.

This shrug will go to my friend who has just celebrated her birthday last Saturday and she is simply pretty in pink. Happy belated birthday A!


A said...

*blushes* pretty in pink *blushes*

thank you v v much!
<3 raspberry shortcake!

chicchicbaby said...

....less then 3.....

Dutchess said...

I love how you are naming your delectable shrugs after desserts!