Monday, 10 December 2007

weekend updates

It was a weekend full of accomplishments. The activities started since Friday evening where my cousin and I braved the crowd and ventured into Jurong Point together with T & H. She wanted to buy birthday presents for the babies and since I had no car that night, taking the MRT to the most accessible ToysRus was the best options. I think I've seen half the residents of Jurong/Boon Lay in JP that night, it was crowded, but we still managed to have our missions completed.

Saturday was a lazy day, I tested my new pot with Tau Yu Bak. Pot functions well but I need more dark soy sauce for my Tau Yu Bak cause it look too brown instead of black. Neverthless, taste is good and thumbs up for the pot. We also dropped by at Kinokuniya Liang Court in the afternoon and I couldnt resist and bought another crochet/knitting book.

Sunday started with me preparing for my homestyle Wanton Mee for lunch. All I can say is, I'd rather pay $2.50 for the yummy noodle from Tanglin Halt market than preparing it myself, too much work, thought it tastes good. That afternoon, our garang family once again braved the crowd and went to AMK Hub to catch the Thomas Show. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, all the seats were taken, being a quick hands quick legs mommy, I grabbed T and we managed to stand at the first row behind the cordoned area. I was perspiring the whole time trying to balance a 15kg boy throughout the 30 min stint. The actual show was short with Thomas appearing for about 10-15 min. T was actually more interested to see the toys than the show itself so thankfully, he didnt bug me about not being able to go up the stage to take pictures with Thomas and Sir Toppenham Hatt. But we encountered ugly sights at the play area, some were hoarding the toys, some snatching and some crying with no parents taking control of their children. We quickly made our exit.

On craft side, I finished my shawl, yay!! I need to have it ironed before posting the pics, it sort of scrunches up and looks like a piece of kiam chye now. Lol.

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Mel said...

you have to post pics of your shawl! you're really productive leh.