Tuesday, 11 December 2007

keeping me warm

This is the FO I mentioned yesterday. The pattern is taken from this book (ISBN:9784529039093). Look how pretty it is on the cover, mine didnt turn out as heavy as it should be because I used fingering weight yarn, hence it is very light. I choose Sidar Snuggly 4 ply for this project mainly because this pattern uses up 800m of yarn and Sidar happens to be the most affordable. I used a 7.0 hook instead of 8.0 recommended by the designer as my yarn is much thinner.

Overall, this is a relatively easy project except that I miscounted (as usual) on a few occasions. The horror only began towards the end when you crochet the pointed edges separately, yes, meaning, after finishing one pointy edge, you end your stitch and begin fresh on the next. It is tedious and I am not really fond of weaving so many loose ends especially the project is coming to the end, I just can't wait to have it done.

If I could, I might want to do this again, using the recommended yarn, I think this design is simply elegant.


Mel said...

it's beautiful!

chicchicbaby said...

M: Thanks!! And I cant wait to see your FOs too : )

geraldine said...

it's lovely!!!!!
you'r blog is cute!


chicchicbaby said...

Thanks Geraldine! You've a lovely blog too and I adore your cat :)