Wednesday, 12 December 2007

tagged - you're it!

I've almost forgotten about this one, my first meme somemore, how could I??!

W H O . W A S . T H E. L A S T . P E R S O N

1. You hung out with?: My family
2. Saw you cry: If I did, it would be my hubby
3. Went to the movies with you?: Hubby and we saw LOTR 2, can you imagine!
4. You went to the mall with?: My colleague, to be specific, I work in a shopping mall, so I'm always there with her.
5. You went to dinner with?: Hubby and son
6. You talked on the phone to?: Hubby
7. Said ‘I love you’ to you and really meant it?: Both men in my house
8. Made you laugh?: My lil boy, I really love the ways he talks and the things he says

W O U L D . Y O U . R A T H E R?

1. Pierce your nose or tongue? None
2. Be serious or be funny? Depends on the situation
3. Drink whole or skim milk? Whole
4. Spend time with your parents or enemies? Parents

D O . Y O U . P R E F E R.

1. Flowers or candy? Candy
2. Gray or black? Grey
3. Color or Black and white photos? Both
4. Lust or love? Love
5. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset on weekdays, sunrise on weekends
6. M and Ms or Skittles? M&Ms with nuts
8. Staying up late or waking up early? Staying up late

D O . Y O U . P R E F E R.

1. Sun or moon? Sun, actually no preference
2. Winter or Fall? No experience
3. Left or right?: No preference but I'm right handed
4. 10 acquaintances or having two best friends?: Two best friends, quality is more important than quantity
5. Sunny or rainy?: Rainy.
6. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream: Vanilla

A B O U T . Y O U

1. What time is it?: 1436 hrs
2. Nickname(s): None
3. What is your birth date?: 21 Jan
4. What do you want?: Good health and happiness
5. Where do you want to live?: Somewhere like Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives
6. How many kids do you want?: Initially none, I was frightened by all the horror childbirth stories but somehow, I have two now.
7. You want to get married?: Yes and I am


1. Nervous habit: Not a habit but I do get sweaty palms
2. Are you double jointed?: No
3. Can you roll your tongue?: Yes
4. Can you raise one eyebrow?: Yes
5. Can you cross your eyes?: Yes
6. Do you make your bed daily?: Hmmm...I try
7. Can you draw? Only abstract art..haha


1. Which shoe goes on first? Right
2. Ever thrown a shoe at someone? Not yet
3. What is your craziest experience ever? White water rafting at Nepal...not so crazy right?


1. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl
2. Have you ever eaten spam? Yes
3. Favourite ice cream: Strawberry from Haagen Daz
4. How many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet? None at the moment
5. What’s your favourite beverage? Water & tea
6. Do you cook? A little

IN . T H E . L A S T . M O N T H . H A V E . Y O U ?

1. Bought something: Yes..not only last month, but almost every week
2. Sang: Yes, with the kids
3. Been hugged: Yes
4. Felt stupid: Yes! When I failed to read the (crochet)pattern carefully and I had to rip over 10 rows, I scolded myself bad
5. Missed someone: Yup, when hubby had to fly off again
6. Danced crazy: I dont dance
7. Gotten your hair cut: Yes
8. Cried: No
9. Lied: White lies: Almost everyday, to my son

And to the following ladies: TAG, you're It!

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