Friday, 30 November 2007

i married a shopaholic!

Thermos is having a warehouse sale and being the typical kiasu Singaporean, I sent my hubby, who was on leave yesterday to get me another thermal pot of a smaller size. When a woman wants something, she can readily come up with justications, in my case, I need a smaller one for stews, the bigger pot is reserved for soups.

Anyway, this warehouse sale is really worthwhile waiting for. My 4.5L pot is retailing at $220+ and I got it for only $150. Thanks to my another shopaholic friend Annie, not only she got me this bargain, she also succeeded in persuading me to part with so much money for a pot, a breakthrough for me.

Back to yesterday, dear hubby brought T with him and so I thought it will be a swift affair. Little did I expect, he came back with not only one pot, but three thermal flasks in different sizes!! He argued that the bargain is too good to be missed and he can do with another canister that keeps water cold for his golf games..yada yada.

The cons of having a shopaholic hubby is, I have to be careful in my own spendings, we can't have two that spend like there is no tomorrow. Pro is, of cause, he doesnt mind me shopping. Ack!

Yeap, this will be my christmas present. Unromantic but its ok, at least I don't get surprises (which can be bad shocks sometimes) and I so love the color of this latest range. The orange really brightens up my kitchen and I'm going to stew something soon.

If you are interested to know, this baby costs $160.

Edit@1440hrs: He just called, guess where is he - John Little warehouse sale, he is supposed to be in SITEX, see lah.

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JL said...

U lucky wife !