Monday, 5 January 2009

random updates

Our long vacation is finally over and now its back to reality. T is promoted to K2 now and due to some 'technical faults' my mom failed to pick him up on time for the first 2 days, that cry baby bawled his heart out. We promised him it won't happen again.

During the short break, we made a trip to the Marina Barrage, a huge open space but crazily hot with not much shelters.

We also managed to squeeze in a getaway to Sofitel Palm Resort and celebrated the children's birthdays there.

Finally, my princess is willing to put on the cape I made for her last year, ever so convinced that she is indeed a princess. I think she looks alot like my second sis in this picture. Actually, they have similar mannerism and equally vain :P


Dutchess said...

T is such a handsome little man! His eyes! And H is a mini version of you.

Happy Birthday T & H!

Anonymous said...

OMG, your gal is soooooooooooo pretty. Can I chop her for my son? Kekekekekke