Tuesday, 23 December 2008

crochet vest

Honestly, I'm not a vest person, but this design caught my eye and I feel I can do with one. Take note, I do not have a good eye for colors and I definitely did not plan for it to have a different tone edgings. I ran out of yarn without knowing that those were discontinued colors. After some searching, I finally found someone selling the color I was looking for and placed an order. You can imagine the shock on my face when I received it in another lighter tone. I went back and checked through my correspondences with the seller and confirmed her mistake. What's worst, the seller disappeared and her ebay shop was emtpy. Out of no choice, I consulted my BFF and we decided to give it a go since the colors are rather close. Fortunately, it turns out quite well. Phew.

The only seaming required for this piece is at the shoulder joining. I'm not sure if it is the yarn or that I'm finally getting at it, my seams were pretty neat. The most exciting moment of each and every project would be the fitting part and alas, much to my anticipation, this wonderful vest is too snug for me! I have to loose a good 5kg in order to wear it nicely like the model did.

Final decision, to keep it and try to lose 5kg or just close one eye and rip it. Such anti-climax too.

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