Wednesday, 7 January 2009

make your own dress

I have been searching for some casual weekend wear dresses but all I saw were skimpy sun dresses that exposed half of your chest, or frumpy sacks that tried to pass off as dresses. Of those that pass my looktest, they cost an arm and sometimes a leg throw in.

I have a couple of Japanese sewing books which I am now toying with the idea of sewing my own dress. Problem is, my sewing skills (haha..hardly any) sucks. I cannot even sew a straight line or cut a perfect rectangle. The sewing machine roars like a hungry lion and I am so petrified, hardly dare to treadle faster. So how am I going to even sew a dress?!

I love those Japanese designs, they are roomy enough without looking like a shapeless sack and sometimes, they have cute details too. Maybe I should humble up and ask my mil for help. She is a great seamstress, surely she can guide the most clumsy apprentice.

Let this be one of my 2009 resolution, to learn how to sew. I wonder why, when a woman becomes a mother, she suddenly takes interest in sewing and dream of making an entire wardobe of cute dresses for her daughter. Or is it me only?

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