Monday, 15 December 2008

christmas party with ex-nobelians

...ex nobel colleagues, not nobel lians :p

We planned this about a month ago and we finally got together last Saturday. It was a boisterous afternoon. I do miss this bunch of colleagues, well, at least, they are normal people, compared to my current co-workers. What fun we had!

We had a table laden with good food and speaking of food, I mustn't forget to mention the pulot hitam logcake. You cannot imagine black glutinous rice and sponge cake coming together but I tell you, it was fabulous, best logcake I'd ever had. Shirley got it from Pine Garden (and their famous lychee martinis cake) and I'm thinking of placing an order for my family gathering next week. But I'm a bit lazy to travel all the way to AMK to pick it up. Jess' fried Mee Siam was simply ol la la too, everything was yummy!!

What is a christmas party without gift exchange. Everyone was supposed to bring foodstuff, yes, we are a bunch of foodies who prefer food to photoframes or cups. And lucky me, I got a tin of nougats from Agnes b delice, all the way from HK, thanks to Ko Heem!

Apart from the usual gift exchange, Cat and myself sponsored a mini lucky draw, we had crazy prizes ranging from shopping bags to g-string. It was hilarious to see who got what. And to top that up, one lucky winner brought home a lottery ticket, we are waiting for her to split the loot in Jan (Lian, we never forget).

It was really fun. Let's hope we will get to meet for CNY.

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