Friday, 12 December 2008

can drive

I took a day off, to play golf yesterday. Bearing in mind what G told me about how a driver should work, I carefully planned my set up and stance, took a deep breathe and ball flew! I had to make sure it wasn't just sheer luck and true enough, I managed to get the right projectile for 70 percent of the time. If you were there, you could see me beaming like full moon.

What I need now is to tackle my short game and make sure my wood works. I'm still not very confident of my short game and like it or not, the more you fear topping, the more it is going to top and roll off the green. I don't know if it is a game of sport or mind. My wood is erratic too, I think I have learn it like how I learned my driver. It should work.

My happiest moment was I managed a 2 on for a par 4 hole but the green was really fast, so I ended up with a 3 putt bogey finish. My putting was bad, averaging 3 putts yesterday, something to do the the fast green, I couldn't see any break/brake. So IF I maintained my usual 2 putt finish, my total score could be lower. Unfortuntately, golf doesn't work that way.

It is really fun, when your ball gets going. And oh, I played the Allamanda course at Palm Resort yesterday. Alot of water hazards and I lose 3 precious balls.

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Ange said...

i had to seek help from an online golfer's dictionary.