Tuesday, 6 May 2008

my little indulgences

There are times where I buy certain things for pure indulgence rather than actual need. I reckon if we worked hard, we should reward ourselves in little ways. (At least, I'm not splurging on luxury items)

Buying food magazines always makes me happy for a long time, I will happily flip through the journal, savour every single articles, enjoy the pretty photos and (sometimes) plan to try out the recipes. One of my favourite magazines is Delicious (Australian ver) as they cover mainly on food as well as restuarants reviews. I prefer the mag to focus on its purpose than to branch out covering every possible topics which they think their readers will enjoy.

I have to stop myself from buying every single issue because, firstly, it is not cheap and secondly, I do not have space to store them. One thing for sure, I must get their Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas edition for the specialties featured.

J, hope I'm not making you green with my latest buy, I can dhl a copy over but first we must sort things out with the PO, making sure the postman is not trying to pick up cooking as well. Keke.

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