Wednesday, 7 May 2008

bid it

Sis will be attending a conference in the US and we are taking this opportunity to stock up some children's books from ebay. We have been very busy watching and bidding for sets of books and I get heart attacks at those very last minutes to see someone outbidding me. My weak heart cannot take this kind of excitement, I have to settle for items with reasonable purchase price.

While searching for our children's books, I decided to get something for myself, Nigella Lawson's latest cookbook - Nigella Express. This is her latest publication and I think it is selling at S$69 but I managed to get it at S$19 including shipping to US. Yay!!!


Agnes Tan said...

Ooooo .. .I've been eyeing this book after watching her show. Luckily NLB has a copy of it. So gonna look thru to decide to buy or not.

chicchicbaby said...

Another Nigella fan : )

chicchicbaby said...
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