Tuesday, 6 May 2008

and thomas again...

We are planning for a vacation and when I asked T if he would like to visit HK Disneyland, he thought for a moment and told me he prefers Thomas Land. Yes, you've heard it correctly and there is indeed such a place, somewhere at the foot of Mt Fuji, Japan.

If you haven't known me, I love to plan for holidays, the research and working out the itinery set my adrenalin rushing. So when my darling said Thomas Land, I started clicking on my keyboard straightaway, now if only I'm as efficient at work *blush*

I have since shortlisted a few hotels and the route to take since it will most likely be a free and easy trip. I dislike guided tours even though they are supposed to be cheaper and no brainer, the thing is, I hate to wake up early and spend half a day travelling on the tour bus. I also do not enjoy spending my precious holiday time waiting for some inconsiderate tourmates who do not seem to realise the entire bus is waiting for them. As such, most of my holidays are self guided.

Anyway, the plans are drawn, destination decided, we are just short of deciding when to take off. As usual, the dad has an unpredictable work schedule and speaking of which as I'm typing now, I realised our mileage is going to expire. I better be speaking to G about this soon.

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