Wednesday, 27 February 2008

red bean kuih 红豆糕

I love red beans, from mom's red bean soup to dorayaki to ice kachang. One thing I miss most is the nonya style red bean kuih sold at the (now demolished) 大众 departmental store near my place. I cannot even find this kuih in Bangawan solo and I guess my remaining chances is to make my own, using JY's recipe. Scrolling down the recipe, it doesnt look like what I'm looking for what you never know until you try it.

I managed to make it last night but somehow, mine didnt set properly, it is still in its wiggly state despite one night chilling in the fridge. Texture wise, it taste more like hoon kuihs, very soft and jello-like. What I want is something firmer. Anyway, I still like it and as you can see, I am very generous with the amount of red beans.


在嘉仪哪得到了这个红豆糕的制作方法,赶紧回去式。味道不错,但口感有点软,可能鱼胶粉不够,整个软绵绵的,需要用汤匙拨来吃,很开心,好像回到童年。希望能找到我期待已久的红豆糕。 会做这个的朋友,要和我分享食谱哦,也谢谢你,嘉仪。

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