Saturday, 23 February 2008

Ddeokbboki - Spicy Korean rice cakes

This is the second time I attempted this simple korean dish and maybe because the rice cakes are of better quality, it turned out really chewy and spicy. Even hubs who doesn't fancy such snacks took more than one bite.

The first time I made this dish, I used the frozen rice cakes bought from the korean mart at Cineleisure, it was rather hard despite me simmering them for quite a while. This time round, it was my cousin who got me the rice cakes from another korean mart in south bridge road (a few steps away from Fook Oon). From its simple packaging (those plastic boxes use by confectionaries) it looks like something homemade rather than mass produced from factories, perhaps thats why it tastes so much better?

I make it really simple as I do not have corn syrup and all the other special ingredients required by the authentic recipe. If you really are interested, this is how I made mine:


1 box of korean rice cakes
1 ball of beijing cabbage
1 boneless chicken thigh meat
2 large tbsp of gochujiang
1 tbsp of sugar
spring onion, cut into inch length

1. Cut the chicken meat into strips and marinate with soy sauce and pepper
2. Cut the cabbage into bite size
3. Heat some oil in frying pan, brown the chicken, remove from pan
4. Fry the cabbage, add some water to simmer until cabbage is soft
5. Add the gochujiang
6. Add the chicken and rice cakes, more water if needed
7. Add some sugar and do a taste test
8. Simmer for a while more before thickening it with corn starch
9. Stir in the spring onion
10. Voila, done!

我真的很喜欢这种韩式辣炒年糕, 多吃也不腻, 只会发胖罢了. Lol.


Ange said...

hApPy LeAp DaY!
your Ddeokbboki looks so tempting..

chicchicbaby said...

Next time cook for you ;)


There is also a korean mart behind amara shopping centre :)

chicchicbaby said...

Rach, thanks for dropping by. I've been there before, the 老板娘looks very fierce. Lol.