Sunday, 17 February 2008

look what i've found

Yes, a vintage (ok, not that vintage, perhaps 20 years old) crochet book in my storeroom!!

I was looking for a little Mickey canvas bag that held a bag of candy I bought in Euro Disney some ten years ago, for my little princess, who currently loves to play going out when I found this book in one of my carton boxes, serendipity.

This brings back vague memories of my early attempt of crocheting in my teens. I'm glad I kept it in the box instead of trashing it. And flipping through the book, I'm delighted to find that most patterns fit me well, I mean sizing wise, by looking at the models themselves. Those days, models are made of real people with curvy figures. I hate to admit that I have to up two hook sizes or add a couple of motifs in order to fit into the standard japanese patterns of current days.

I'm going to spend a few moments going through the patterns tonight.

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