Wednesday, 13 February 2008

claypot rice

Sis brought back some lap cheong (chinese sauages) from HK and we decided to have sar bo fan on the 3rd day of CNY. This is the first time I'm cooking claypot rice in a claypot, usually, for convenience sake, we do it in our rice cooker. I wish I can figure out how to get the sides to be burnt, perhaps I need to use a bigger stove so that the flames can reach the sides of the pot instead of just under??

This is how I did my sar bo fan, if you are interested.

2.5 cups of rice
2 deboned chicken thighs (seasoned with soy sauce and pepper)
2 lap cheong, sliced
1 yun cheong, sliced (this is made of liver)
some roasted pork
2 thumb sized dried salted fish, diced

oil and dark soy sauce for seasoning

Wash and cook the rice together with dried salted fish until you see small bubbles.
Add in the chicken and let it simmer until the rice and chicken is almost done. Sprinkle water over the rice if needed.
Add in the lap cheongs and roasted pork and simmer until rice is cook and you get that burnt smell.
Do not attempt to stir the rice at any point, I like my rice to stick to the pot in order to get them burnt.
Just before serving, mix generous amount of dark soy sauce and very little oil if you needed.

Taadam...chow time.


Oiyi said...

This looks great! When my mom recently came to visit, she made something similar. She said to get the charred rice, she rubs oil inside the pot before putting everything in. And it worked!

chicchicbaby said...

Thanks for dropping by Oiyi and thanks for the tip, I shall try it out soon.