Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Joey's SAL 2008年1月群編會活動

Yarn: DMC Petra (size 5) - 1.5 balls
Hook: 2/0

I can finally do a happy dance after spending one month slogging on this project. As I was telling J, this pattern is straightforward but I kept making mistakes along the way, either missing a stitch or adding an extra. Other than those hiccups, I really love how it turns out to be, very elegant and I'm glad I chose that color amongst the sea of colors avail.

It is fun to join a SAL but I doubt I will do it again in the near future; it is rather scary and stressful to see other fellow members finishing their projects within days when I'm here struggling with mine, unless Joey has irresistable designs offered for the next SAL, that would be another story.

我终于完成了1月的群编活动-粉紅圓形斗篷。 整整花了1个多月的时间才完成,其他会友都已经开始了2月的活动了, 好不惭愧, 手脚确实是有点慢。其实,这披肩并不难钩,只是,大头虾的我,怎么搞的,一直算错。结果,拆了好多遍,差点就想放弃, 还好坚持到底,迟到好过没到.

看来,我实在没勇气再参加这种声势浩大的群编活动,追得我好喘, 所以会长,千万别发出我会很爱很爱的design 哦, 后果不堪设想!

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