Wednesday, 6 February 2008

wrapping up the year

Sounds a little funny since we are already into the 2nd month of 2008 but since today is the eve of our lunar new year, it still counts, doesn't it?

It was a little frenzy over here, with all the last minute shopping and preparation for the lunar new year. And of cause, making arrangments to meet my long time pm-pal J, who is visiting us during this period. We've since had hi tea at the chi chi Equinox with a bunch of likeminded and non-calorie-counting girlfriends, did some craft shopping and spent a hour pouring over all the beautiful crochet books at Kinokuniya. Next in line would be another gathering at Big Momma's house during the long CNY break. Sounds hectic, but its fun. I'm glad she is here coz most of my CNY breaks ended up staying at home doing the same old routine stuff. We don't do much visitings apart from the first day.

On craft end, my SAL is coming to and end (finally), I still have another 3 rows to complete and I hope to finish it during this long weekend. This is a relatively easy project but due to my own negligence, I made a couple of miscountings, I even had to rip one row off just this morning. However, I'm liking how its turning out to be, in fact, elegant enough to wear in the evenings. I hope I can share my FO with you soon.

Meanwhile, wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year and don't hesitate to pop another pineapple tart into your mouths. Lol.

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