Monday, 10 March 2008

honey, stop buying!

Someone in the parenting forum I frequent asked how to curb overspending, I did not enter my views as I know I'm not the best person to comment. I do not indulge in clothings, shoes, bags or comestics but when comes to my hobbies, I can get a little overboard sometimes and that will explain my growing stash of yarns and books. It doesn't help when Kinokuniya gives 20% off periodically to their members, its like a sign, telling you, now or never and the herd mentality in me sends a signal to my hand to reach out for my wallet and legs to walk to the bookstore.

But I'm proud to admit that I somewhat manage to have some control over myself today, I only bought ONE book despite the tempting offers they are dishing out. I was careful to make sure that the book I bought contains only crochet designs. Before that, I made 3 costly mistakes of buying the book for just a pattern I fancy, worst is, those are crochet/knitting books, meaning half wasted as I do not (know how to) knit. I am very serious in my choices this time, a little too serious that it takes away some fun in building book stash. Sigh.


Doreen said...

Ooh.. I wanna get this book also but it is still not available in Kino here. Waiting eagerly. Nice stuff in that book?

chicchicbaby said...

I was attracted by the shrug on the cover. Lots of good stuff.