Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Merry Christmas

It is H's first christmas and she seems to be aware of this festive season; whenever she sees a christmas tree, she'll clap her little hands and she'll point out to those blinking lights. So cute.

The long weekend came and passed, we had a great time getting together, enjoying our potluck christmas eve dinner and exchanging presents but I think, the happiest person is really T, a huge harvest for him this year and I think his favorite is the toy golf set and the 2 Thomas books he received.

My marinated mushrooms tasted fine but not quite the way I hope for, I guess I have to tweak the recipe somemore, and I have to go back to Oosh to refresh my memory how their mushrooms taste like. As for my berries tart, I realised my creme pattserie is more suitable for little tartlets and not a huge 9" tart, it ends up too runny and was hard to serve.

Still recuperating from the holidays. Lol.

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