Monday, 17 December 2007

bedtime talks

I remember posting about this ritual I share with T every night; before we both fall off sleeping, we will talk, just about anything that he wants. Lately, he has been imagining himself going for golf games and so, he wants to talk about golfing. I'll have to ask him where did he play, how was his scores, what else did he do etc.

I love his answers, cute even though its totally impossible. He usually takes a flight on our sofa to Bangkok for his game and will take a MRT back after the game. In between, he'll break for lunch and rest a while before continuing. His score, even the daddy may have difficulty pitting against him, is fixed at a constant 8 above par. His golfing partner is non other than his beloved Por Por (my mom).

Last night, he asked me where which MRT station is nearest to Aunty Ratna's house and when I replied its Kembangan, he told me he will be going to Kembangan for golf today and will drop by Aunty Ratna's hosue because he wants to finish up all the cupcakes in her house. Looks like this little guy is very captivated by the Cupcake Momma's cuppies and have been thinking about it after our last Hari Raya visit to her house. So cute.

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