Monday, 17 December 2007

all good things

My luck must be changing for the better, I'd actually won the 2nd prize at my company's dinner last friday. It was a jolly fantastic food hamper from Crabtree & Evelyn and if you asked me, I'd rather be receiving niceties foodstuff then electicial items and by the way, I'm seldom lucky with these kinds of lucky draws.

Hubs just called to say he is buying the Nintendo DS Lite for me using the remaining Thai Baht he has since he will not be going back again. I'm not a gaming person but I don't mind the ds lite since they seem to have many games suitable for ladies, moreover, its free.....

As for Christmas, I happened to browse through the December issue of Simply Her magazine and quite like the ideas there. So this year, we are going for tapas and I want to have Sangria, bake a mixed berries tart and yoghurt popsicles for the babies. I will be working on 24th so I will delegate the rest of the food preparations to my family members. Hehe.

What are your plans for Christmas??


Anonymous said...

Leave something from your hamper for me - any body lotion etc? Ask G to buy Wii game la - then we can play when I am back! I am excellent at tennis! And we can cook (via Wii)! Yvonne

chicchicbaby said...

Er...if you don mind spreading the marmalade all over yourself...haha
No Wii for now, very addictive, as it is, T is already glued to Cooking Mama. Lol.