Monday, 31 December 2007

adventures @ 'knapford' station

My son is crazy about Thomas and all kinds of trains & automobiles and being doting parents, we brought him on a visit to our one and only Malaysian railway station on a hot friday afternoon, to see a real working train.

We got the schedule wrong and arrived at the station one hour before the afternoon train arrived from Kuala Lumpur. We decided to have lunch there despite the (rather) poor hygiene. The tables were laced with houseflies and T, being a city kid, had no idea what they were and kept refusing to sit down because he "doesn't want those animals" (in his exact words). What embarressement, he has no idea they were houseflies, we need more nature education. The food from the canteen was surprising good but I had the runs the next day, I must have eaten something dirty from those "animals".

We waited till 1615 before they announced that train has been delayed and would be arriving at 1450 and gosh, that means 2 hours wait in total for us. We had ample time to walk along the platform 3 times, studied the tracks, the signals, the buffers and H even managed to have her afternoon nap before the train arrived and gosh, it was such a hot afternoon.

Nevertheless, it was a fun experience and we even planned to do a KL visit via rails some time later this year, only thing is, I hope the interior of the trains are well maintained, I do not wish to have animals, er, I mean roaches, riding with me.

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