Monday, 8 October 2007

one lazy weekend

Since the weather is steaming hot (and humid) we didnt feel like going anywhere else except hibernate at home. Great for T cause I spent the whole day playing with him. We acted out a scene from the safari and he was the cheetah, H was a baby gazelle and I was assigned to be the zebra (yikes, strips!). The soaring heat only enhanced the entire atmosphere but of cause, I decided to blast the aircon after a short while.

Since were we not going anywhere, I decided to cook a simple dinner (which is rare that I cook on weekends). We had 炸酱面, the cheater's way. I simply fried some minced pork add a can of bean paste sauce and served over freshly cooked angel hair. Wanted to do it zaru soba style but the noodles infused together when cooled, so hot style eventually.

On craft end, I'm about to finish my latest project, just another couple of motifs to go, hopefully I can put up the FO very soon.

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