Friday, 5 October 2007

fabric button maker

I never knew we could make our own fabric buttons at home, I always thought we need some huge industrial machines to do that. At least that is what I recall the lady at the sewing shop did when I was young. I used to visit that shop with my mom when I was young and she was still sewing clothes for me and my sisters (Is that every mothers' passion, its slowly growing in me too. lol) The services provided included serging, knocking out fabric buttons and some heavy duty sewing. Most of my grandma's clothes uses fabric buttons so it was quite fascinating to see how she stuff the little squares of fabrics into the gigantic machine and punched out those pretty little (some big) buttons.

I thought I'll never see such things again, at least not at home. To my surprise, I found these simple fabric button kits at Daiso (again, my favourite craft shop), they come in two sizes so I grabbed both. I'm going to make one for H's Cape Lavender as I still owe her a nice button. The rest, I'm sure I have plans for them.

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Cindy said...

Nice gadget! Does it works well?