Thursday, 25 October 2007


God must have heard me bawling a few minutes ago and decided to do a kind act to cheer me up. I received my little package from Elann, a good 11 weeks after I placed my order. Cant really blame anyone, cheapo me opted for surface mail (with no insurance somemore) because at that time, I didnt have any project in mind, I was just buying for fun so I was ok with 6 weeks wait. Who knows Canada is really that far from Singapore. I've learnt my lesson, next time, it will be surface with insurance. Whahahaha....I'm a thrifty gal you know.

I'll post the pics later, don't have my camera with me right now.


Mel said...

next time wanna spree yarn let me know.. hahaha.

chicchicbaby said...

Aha!!! accomplice in crime, I'll sure get you, in fact, my hands are itchy now. Wahahaha