Monday, 29 October 2007

bleah briyani

To me, it really wasnt that bad, to my dear hubby, the stringent food critic of my household, its below average *dagger eyes*

The recipe was extracted from the Nov issue of Singapore Women's Weekly and so, he felt it has been tweaked to suit the taste of the cosmo community, in short, its neither here nor there - not chinese or indian or malay style. Then again, I too, felt that the taste was a little bland, and far cry from those made by my brillant Indian neighbour next door. The rice was not fragrant enough and the curry lacked the oomph.

Thankfully, my dear neighbour, who will be celebrating Deepavali next week, has invited my family over for lunch, her briyani is the best, I wonder why I bother to do it myself. I guess to everyone who enjoys slogging in the kitchen, there are a few recipes you want to perfect and apart from the Chicken Briyani, I'm currently on the holy grail search for Hakka Lei Cha. If you have a authentic recipe (not minty green tea style) please share with me. Thanks!


Mel said...

Try this?

I haven't eaten Thunder Tea Rice, so not sure if its the one you're looking for.. :)

chicchicbaby said...

Thanks Mel, I saw this yesterday but was sceptical about the chicken stock coz its not normally used in LC rice.

If I succeed, I'll make for you : )