Tuesday, 30 October 2007


I went home last night, much to my delight, found this sitting in my living room. Thanks to my insurance agent J, who understands that we are a couple constantly suffering from tired feet *giggle*

Honestly, I will never buy such an item for I know it will end up as a table top before evolving into another white elephants in my storeroom. But I will not decline if it is a gift. I must say this is a truely good massager, it does loosen all the tired knots in your calves however, nothing beats a total treatment in the spa.

Even T enjoys having his little feet massaged. I had to bluff him the machine will eat his feet if he doesn't get out when I asked him to. For the next few nights, our family will probably be hovering around this monster, at least until its marginal utility drops to negative.

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